PUNCHLINE "Superfly" - cover, track list, release date: September 28, 2012

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06.09.2012Release News

„Superfly“ may seem a bit off from our normal spectrum of releases, but PUNCHLINE do really have great songs and this is why we decided to do this release. But of course, this band from Düsseldorf/Germany does have a background which seems suitable for our sublabel Pure Rock Records: Speed Metal fans may know lead singer Jörg Juraschek as singer and bassist from WARRANT, who released “The Enforcer” on Noise Records in 1985, a milestone of this genre.

PUNCHLINE play a mixture of alternative, a little hard rock and modern punk rock à la GREEN DAY (especially the title-track), and may be interesting for younger rock fans, who are not so interested in our Classic Metal releases. The riffs they play sometimes remind one of highschool-rockbands of the late 90s and early 2000s like WEEZER and SUM 41; Jörg’s vocals sound powerful and gripping. Fans of those bands will certainly like “Superfly”.

This may not be so for die-hard WARRANT-fans, so please check if you like this kind of music; but Modern Rock fans will absolutely love PUNCHLINE.

Worldwide release date: September 28, 2012.


1 Intro    
2 Superfly :  
3 Get Lost    
4 Killing Me    
5 I´m Running    
6 Rack´n Ruin    
7 Mad Monday    
8 Can´t Reply On It    
9 Speak To Me    
10 Fly Away    
11 Never Give Up    
12 Would    

Total play-time: 39:54


bass, vocals - Jörg Jurascheck

guitars - Matthias Zimmer

drums - Thomas Franke