STALLION FOUR - "Rough Times" - preorder phase has started!!!!

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13.07.2012Release News

Preorder phase of debut album of our Swedish hopefuls STALLION FOUR "Naked Flames" has started in our webshop. Save 1 EURO during the preorder time!

STALLION FOUR is another young promising Swedish Hard Rock band we have in our rows. They often remind of Krokus in the early 80‘s, as well as AC/DC featuring Brian Johnson (as it is for the vocals). But despite this, they don’t just copy them. Before the release of their album through Pure Rock Records they unleashed three demos and a 7“-EP titled „Devil In Me“.

The songs of their debut album „Rough Times“ convince with simple riffs, straight drumming and a lot of Rock’n’Roll-feeling. But they always sound honest and refreshing. No matter if there are fast, pounding rockers or love messages to early Hard Rock from Down Under: Each track has a high recognition value and convinces the listener from the start. The guitars howl like in the early days, the vocals sound pretty ugly. But the absolute highlight of the honest production is the 100 % Rock’n’Roll-cocktail of „Rough Times“!

The people who worshipped Airbourne and Bullet during the last few years will also permanently bang their heads to STALLION FOUR, for sure!